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Program Consultation Director

 Full-time Salaried Position

Job Objective: Be at the forefront of design, training, certification, licensing and oversight for Family Centered Treatment® (FCT) organizations.

Accountable To: Operations Director

Position Description: The Program Consultation Director will ensure an effective training, adherence and oversight process is executed for contracted Family Centered Treatment organizations. The Program Consultation Director will be at the forefront of program coordination, clinical field-based & digital training development, model adherence, training and oversight, supervision training and oversight, and data collection process and oversight. The Program Consultation Director will follow the training and development schedule outlined for FCT provider organization and will maintain regular oversight with FCT organizations to ensure all components are being fully utilized and adhered to.


Primary Responsibilities:

Setup, training, development, and oversight of FCT contract organizations

  • Responsibilities include the initial setup of the comprehensive online training mechanism the Wheels of Change, roll-out to all contracted organization staff. On-site team, management, and field-based training including check off process for certification in Family Centered Treatment.

  • Collecting, tracking, and organizing required materials for certification of contracted organization staff in FCT.

  • Collecting, tracking, and organizing required materials for certification of contracted organization staff in FCT Supervision.

  • Collecting, organizing, analyzing, and monitoring FCT adherence measures for contracted FCT organizations.

Program Coordination

  • Contact/coordinate with family preservation agencies per contracts, communicating with regional office personnel and state management teams to ensure contract compliance and effective implementation of services.

  • Educate, manage, and ensure adherence to HIPPA standards when sending/receiving Protected Health Information (PHI) through Encrypted email services. Construct and educate on data request protocol.


  • Be first point of contact for FCT contracted family preservation organization.

  • Compose and process routine correspondence and memorandum.

  • Flexible for travel nationally in regard to training, oversight, and program coordination.

  • Distribute mail accordingly including e-mail.

  • Compile and produce accurate, complete and timely reports including tables and text using spreadsheet software in relation to FCT contracted organizations.

  • Operate and maintain databases and file systems to ensure accurate retrieval and confidentiality of information.

  • Establish and maintain accurate, complete file management procedures.

  • Build and maintain positive relationships with all personnel and communicate effectively.

  • Perform other related duties as required in accordance with any established policies and procedures.

  • Additional responsibilities or projects as determined by immediate supervisor.

  • Meet deadlines as determined.


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Graduate or post-graduate degree

  • 2 years previous experience in an equivalent position.

  • High level of experience with the in-home family systems model Family Centered Treatment®

  • Family Centered Treatment Certification

  • High level of experience with, computer software programs including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, and Power Point , and general knowledge of office equipment operation.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Ability to engage in and manage a wide range of intellectual and physical work.

  • Ability and flexibility to travel to various destinations or assignments nationally.

  • Ability to Work collaboratively and effectively with diverse staff, colleagues, and clients

  • Highly capable in the area of project management

  • Detail oriented

  • Open to feedback and review of performance

Supervisory  Relationships   

  • This role does  not  supervise  any  personnel   

Travel Time

  • Up  to  25%  of  time  may  be  travel 


  • Commensurate based on experience

Please send resume or CV to:

Attn: Debbie Foster