Family Centered Treatment (FCT) is an evidence based and research-supported trauma treatment model of home-based family therapy. FCT is owned by a private non-profit incorporated organization devoted to the preservation of families through research, training, and development.


Evidence Based Treatment Gets Results

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FCT's home based treatment reduces the need for out of home placements. It has been refined based on research, experience and evidence of effectiveness.

FCT is extremely cost effective and stabilizes traumatized youth and families. In addition, FCT is one of few home based treatment models that has extensive experience with families and youth who move between the child welfare, mental health, and juvenile justice systems, otherwise known as “crossover youth.”


The core practice components required by practitioners of Family Centered Treatment have evolved dramatically since the inception of the model in 1988. Unlike other models, FCT utilizes its clinical supervision process instead of right timelines to determine specific indicators demonstrating that a family has successfully completed a phase of treatment.

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