Additional Services

Implementation Science Provision

The FCT Foundation, in conjunction with University led research groups, have designed and utilize a sophisticated implementation process that begins with organizational readiness through organization sustainability. Along the way, key instruments and measures are adopted to ensure that replication of practices occurs with fidelity.

IImplementation Science looks at determining how effective treatment models are put in place to produce results for clients. FCT Foundation has procedural expertise for determining best practice when looking to implement new models.

Program Consultation & Training

With a vast and diverse collective experience, the FCT Foundation, its Board, and its personnel are experts at the many facets of training and consultation for human service organizations. Our method of training includes an advanced online training system that can be designed to meet your specific organizational needs around training, tracking, teaching, or organizing..

Program Design & Evaluation

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to document quantitative and qualitative performance outcomes. More and more organizations are demanding accountability through data collection/analysis and reporting about program effectiveness.

Limited resources for human service funding combined with increasing expectations for evidence of impact has made program evaluation more important than ever as a key factor in decision-making strategies for stakeholders and policy makers. Today, organizations must define intended results and report program effectiveness through data collection and analysis. Family Centered Treatment Foundation has been providing program evaluation & research services to human service organizations for years!

Reports on outcome data are generated on a regular basis (quarterly, annually, or as required), so that results can be used to direct efforts as needed to improve services.

Pilot Projects & Innovations

From its origins the FCT Foundation has played an integral part in working with family preservation and research agencies in designing, developing, and obtaining demonstration/pilot projects. FCT Foundation often collaborates with its partners and other strategic alliances to determine areas of need in the human service field and develop programs or research that might advance the field of family preservation.

FCT Foundation has engaged in a number of successful collaborations allowing at risk families to receive services that they would not otherwise be able to receive to enable them to remain together.

If your organization is interested in learning more about the possibilities of developing a strategic alliance with FCT Foundation please contact us!

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