Upon completion of an agency’s readiness assessment and successful agreement to incorporate Family Centered Treatment into their program, training of the model via FCT Foundation will ensue.

Training for FCT entails a comprehensive and sophisticate on line and field based competency program known as the Wheels of Change© (WOC). The WOC is composed of multiple components which require satisfactory completion to achieve certification.


Certification in FCT is composed of these learning style components:

1. A guided self-study process using the Wheels of Change© on line audio/visual training course.

  • The electronic on-line portion is a timed and tracked audio visual guided process incorporating 18 units of study that cover the subjects critical for implementing FCT.
  • The units cover the theory and knowledge components of the phases of FCT and the treatment skills needed for effective performance of FCT.
  • Each unit contains step by step explanations, preliminary discussion questions that permit assessment of knowledge provided in the unit, identification of required skills, and a required testing
  • Oversight and tracking of the progress of trainees permits or prompts involvement of supervisory or trainer staff to provide intensive coaching, as needed, on the material via a review and role-play approach.
  • The electronic on line portion permits a “go at one’s own pace” process but is designed to be completed in an efficient manner.

2. Field based practice of the required FCT core skills and supervision occurs simultaneously as they take the on line course.

3. A field based performance evaluation to assess the competency level of the trainee in the core skills.

  • Certified FCT trainers provide the observation and scoring of the trainee in the core skills components.
  • The Wheels of Change© program is an innovative and exciting tool. For additional information regarding the program and how it operates for agencies please contact FCT Foundation.