Current Providers


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The Mentor Network
Serving: Multiple sites in Los Angeles & surrounding communities



Pinnacle Family Services
Serving: Broward County


Family Solutions Serving: Bloomington & surrounding communities

Ireland Home Based Services
Serving: Multiple locations throughout southern Indiana and Indianapolis

Lifeline Youth and Family Services
Serving: Multiple locations throughout northern, eastern, western Indiana and Indianapolis

SCAN (Stop Child Abuse & Neglect)
Serving: Multiple locations throughout northern Indiana, Fort Wayne, and Gary & surrounding communities


The Mentor Network
Serving: Statewide


Institute for Family Centered Services/The Mentor Network
Serving: Statewide



St. Francis Ministries Serving: North Platte and surrounding communities

North Carolina

Access Family Services
Serving: Multiple sites in the Piedmont region, Charlotte & surrounding, Raleigh/Durham & surrounding communities

Carolina Outreach
Serving: Raleigh/Durham & surrounding communities, Fayetteville and surrounding communities

Department of Public Safety- Juvenile Crime Prevention Counsels
Serving: Catawba, Cleveland, Gaston, and Lincoln Counties

Pinnacle Family Services
Serving: Piedmont region, Charlotte & surrounding, Greensboro/Winston-Salem & surrounding, Central NC, Raleigh/Durham & surrounding communities

Southlight Healthcare
Serving: Raleigh & surrounding communities

SPARC Network
Serving: Piedmont region, Charlotte & surrounding, Greensboro/Winston-Salem & surrounding Western NC

Support Inc.
Serving: Piedmont region & surrounding communities

SPARC Foundation
Serving: Western North Carolina



The Mentor Network
Serving: Cleveland and Dayton & surrounding communities


Rhode Island

Child and Family
Serving: Statewide

Communities for People
Serving: Statewide



First Home Care
Serving: Multiple sites in Richmond, Portsmouth and Eastern VA



St. Croix County HHS Serving: St. Croix County

Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Serving: Eau Claire and surrounding communities

Jefferson County Human Services Department Serving: Jefferson County