The FCT Foundation

Family Centered Treatment Foundation, Inc.  is a non-profit organization dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the family.

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Family Centered Treatment Foundation (FCTF) is the owner of an evidence based family preservation treatment model, Family Centered Treatment (FCT) and the related training program, Wheels of Change.

FCTF licenses family preservation agencies that meet the stringent criteria necessary to provide Family Centered Treatment.

When agencies are licensed as a provider of FCT, FCTF provides the Wheels of Change online and field based competency training program, fidelity oversight of the implementation of FCT, and program evaluation related to FCT. For over 25 years the FCT Foundation has been proud to assist organizations in enhancing their service deliver over 25,000 families!

Primary Purposes

  • To provide training and development programs in the area of Family Preservation Practice for human service professionals and other persons concerned with the welfare of families.  Also to provide licensing of family preservation agencies that meet the stringent criteria necessary to provide Family Centered Treatment.
  • To develop programs that demonstrate the effectiveness of family preservation programs to specific needs and populations.
  • To design and/or conduct research projects to further the understanding of family preservation practice.
  • To obtain grants and subcontract family preservation services to persons who would otherwise not be able to access these programs. This would include those families who do not have applicable mental health insurance coverage, or who do not qualify for the public funding of services, or for those who cannot afford to pay for such services.

Belief Statement

 The FCT Foundation believes that evidence-based practices result in the development and implementation of best practices for whatever professional task is at hand

Clinical practice theory and guidelines, while typically derived from sound beliefs, are often poorly developed or ineffectively implemented. To ensure the greatest results in clinical outcomes and to bring programs to scale, the FCT Foundation is steadfast in guiding organizations in the development of new or existing evidence-based practices and theories.

Enhancing the capability of agencies, communities and state systems of care in the implementation of proven evidence-based programs to better address the needs of families in crisis.
— FCT Foundation Mission Statement