John Sullivan and Garry Talbert will be presenting “Implementing Family Centered Treatment Programs: Implementation Science and an Evidence Based Alternative for Diversion or Early Reintegration” at the 2018 COJJ Annual Conference in Baltimore on November 29.

Presentation Abstract:

This workshop will present emerging knowledge from a policy development, organization development and service delivery perspective. There will be a review of projects that demonstrates the effectiveness of this unique organization. The Family Centered Treatment Foundation (FCTF) is one of the few nonprofit organizations offering a comprehensive evidence based model that divert youth from out of home services.  The organization is built as a social entrepreneurship.  All proceeds from its operations are reinvested to improve implementation effectiveness and the overall social good.  The Foundation’s model is also unique in that is an emergent design developed by front line practitioners over the past 25 years.  FCTF has successfully implemented their evidence based practice in diverse environments with a wide range of offenders and their families. These projects have ranged from the local level to multi state initiatives. The workshop will present and discuss their approach to working with families, implementing FCT in organizations and review the outcomes their recent research project with the University of Maryland as well as the most recent research plan with the Duke Endowment.