The FCT Foundation is excited to announce that it has been awarded two grants by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to deliver Family Centered Treatment services to families. The FCT Foundation will work with Pinnacle Family Services, a licensed FCT provider to deliver the FCT model to families in five central NC counties.

The awards include the ‘Alternatives to Commitment Project’ and the ‘Level II Dispositional Alternatives Project’.

More information about the grant awards can be found here.

·  JCPC-Endorsed Level II Projects were established in 2011 to address the localized needs of communities in working with youth who are deep in the juvenile justice system and are at high risk for reoffending.

·  Alternative to Commitment Projects were created at the direction of the General Assembly in 2004. This funding source allowed Juvenile Crime Prevention Councils (JCPCs) to establish community programs for youth who otherwise would be placed in a youth development center.