The Family Centered Treatment Foundation is proud to welcome St. Croix County (Wisconsin) Department of Health & Human Services to our growing list of FCT providers! St. Croix’s leadership clearly articulates the purpose and rational for adopting FCT: “Our population needs are changing, so we are seeking out alternative resources in order to better meet the needs of our community…. We have completed an exhaustive search of various evidence-based programs and it appears that Family Centered Treatment will be the best fit for us.”

St. Croix comes to FCTF with a proven track record of innovation, evidenced-based programing and dedication to meeting the needs of their community. The St. Croix FCT Team is part of a county government health and human services organization that incudes multiple departments, programs and initiatives all under one organizational umbrella. This provides the program with the unique strength of housing most systems and stakeholders relevant to FCT under one coordinated entity. FCTF is very excited to see this unique program design flourish!

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